Mezzanine Floors

Relocating or extending your current building can prove very costly both in time and money.

Mezzanine floors

    • provide the optimum utilisation of available space
    • support load capabilities of up to 12.9 kN/m²
    • Every mezzanine floor is individually designed to fit


Our mezzanine floors can be designed to suit numerous uses and environments including:

      • Storage use
      • Office environments
      • Retail outlets and showrooms
      • Assembly / production
      • Viewing galleries
      • Fitness / gymnasiums
      • Laboratories
      • Canteens / staff rooms / rest rooms


Our handrail is designed to provide protection to all exposed edges of the mezzanine floor.

  • Meets : BS 6399, BS 5395, BS 6180
  • Handrails can be provided with either a softwood kickboard or steel kickplate dependant upon environment.


Pallet Gates

Pallet gates, swing gates and handrail sliding sections with optional steel loading plates can be positioned at the edges of the mezzanine floor to facilitate safe and easy loading and unloading of stock.

Our gates are designed as a continuous part of the surrounding handrail.